Have Been Conned » Pipex Yet Again

mk2 on September 16th 2009
As with the previous email I too was a Pipex customer, who has just moved.
Firstly we called and told them we were moving on the 6th of sept and gave them the required notice period, however within 30 mins they had disconnected both phone lines we had with them, leaving us without a phone for 2 weeks, and as i worked from home this was a disiaster. when i phoned them from my mobile, which cost me around 25p a min i was told they had not turned them off and to speak to technical support, yet when i spoke to them they could tell me the exact time they disconnected the line.
I'm now recieving bills for my broadand, which like the other complaint on this site, thay tell me they re-connected,this time 4 days after i moved out of the premises. I have recieved probally around 20 bills and threatening letters so far in the last few weeks and spoken to them on loads of occasions.
You can only get throught to an Indian call centre, which in its self is not a problem, but the operators are scripted, I spent 40 mins on the phone, at 25p per min, and all I asked was why have I recieved this bill yet everytime I asked the lady on the phone started her script from the begining again, its obvoisly not here fault, as she has not been trained to answer my question.
There is still no resolve in site, yet I can truly say I have never come across such a useless company before, they really are , in my opinion a bunch of con artists who should be avoided at all costs.
Mark Wooding