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baz on November 9th 2020
Ford are aware of the HIGH engine failure rate with coolant issues, post on their website they will compensate people 100%, but when you go to ford dealer they tell you its not related to the coolant but something else so refuse to cover the vehicle
baz on December 2nd 2020 ·
Wed, 2 Dec 2020
Subject: Ford Executive Office
Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email in.

Your continued dissatisfaction with the current issue has been noted on your case.

The dealership had confirmed that based on the findings on visual inspection this does not look to be eco boost related. Should you wish to have this clarified then this can only be done via a full diagnosis in which would always be at cost to the customer initially in any case.

If upon diagnosis it os found that the failure is related to the ecoboost concern, then Ford would again review this and look to assist. However, we do not cover the initial diagnosis first off as if it is still confirmed to not be an ecoboost related failure, then we would not cover this cost.

Can you please confirm if there is aything ekse in which you require assistance with regarding this matter?

If no further assistance is required, then the case here will be closed pending any further contact.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Penny Boswell | Executive Office, Ford of Britain and Ireland | 01277 251598
baz on November 30th 2020 ·
latest update from lee rumsby at gates of harlow
because the degas pipe was changed, matrix problems fixed and expansion bottle changed (all related to ecoboost problems?) the engine still runs and stops/starts even though it has lost power we are told because the oil light is on its not a related issue and can only be identified if the engine is stripped down at our cost, never will we own another Ford again
baz on November 13th 2020 ·

to Lrumsby@gates.co.uk
hi lee please see below the response back they are saying its not related to coolant issues or ecoboost issue you said you told them it was


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Office, Executive (E.)
Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 9:03 AM
Subject: Ford Executive Office

Good Morning ,

Thank you for your email response.

I believe what was meant in the previos email to you, by 'the dealer are aware of the case', is that the dealer are aware of the reasons for your contact with ourselves.

We have discussed this with tem at length and advised on your reasons for believeing this is related to the Ecoboost concern.

As we here, do not directly inspect the vehicles, we have trust in our Ford dealerships that the information in which they provide to us following an investogation into a concern, is acurate.

In your case, the dealer has confirmed that the concern with your vehicle is not related to the known concern with the ecoboosts, therefore, they are aware that we will not be assisting you finacially wth your repairs.

Whilst we endeavour to assist all our customers there must come a point when we are unable to do so, we have of course noted your dissatisfaction.

Naturally, this is not the answer you are expecting however, we can only reiterate our position in our previous communications to you, and advise we are unable to respond to any further contact from you on this matter.

We abide by the Motor Industry New Car Code of Practice which can be found on The Motor Ombudsman Website at www.TheMotorOmbudsman.org. The Motor Ombudsman will offer free impartial information and if appropriate an alternative dispute resolution process in the event that you are not satisfied with the outcome of a concern. For further information you can visit The Motor Ombudsman website at or call their Information Line on 0843 910 9000. Calls are charged at 7p per minute plus your phone operator’s connection charge.

Kind Regards

Penny Boswell | Executive Office, Ford of Britain and Ireland | 01277 251598

Ford Motor Company Limited. Registered in England: No 235446. Registered Office: Ford Motor Company Limited, Arterial Road, Laindon, Essex, SS15 6EE.

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baz on November 11th 2020 ·
The dealership have confirmed that the failure of your engine is not related to the known issue with the ecoboost engines, therefore, I am unable to assist you finacially with this matter.

Penny Boswell | Executive Office, Ford of Britain and Ireland | 01277 251598

Thank you for your email,
As per my colleagues last email, we will not be assisting any further on this occasion. We understand your frustration with this response, but this is not going to change. We rely heavily on our dealerships diagnosis and information and they have advised this is not related to the Ecoboost issue.

Could I also ask that you please do not change anything in the email header to ensure a quick response to you.

We can only apologise again,

Kindest regards
Stephanie Gardner
Ford Executive Office


we provided evidence of all the issues and still we got a message:

Good Morning,

I hope you are well and thank you for your email,
We have spoken to the dealership and they understand the case and why we will not be assisting any further.

Apologies again that we cannot be of more assistance on this occasion,

Kind Regards
Stephanie Gardner
Ford Executive Office
baz on November 11th 2020 ·

our Ford Focus Titanium, you may be aware of this already but there was a recall on ford engines with coolant issues, we bought the car shortly after the recall but didnt receive any details about it
we took it for service in 2017 to Ford Gates in Harlow who said water pump and front cover were leaking and would cost £800 to replace, this was not the case as they were fine, however we noted later it was leaking from the degas pipe, which was the major flaw with these engines, later on the heater matrix started to leak so that was changed to, then after that the expansion bottle leaked so that was changed too
now the oil light has come on and the engine started knocking
on the ford website it says 100% compensation for these issues, when we took it to Gates on 1st November 2020 they said it is an oil related issue not coolant so refuse to repair/replace

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