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baz on August 1st 2020
we booked our holiday via sunshine.co.uk which was 3rd may 2020, this didnt go ahead due to the covid coronavirus, we received an email from sunshine.co.uk that we must take action on our booking, the only action was to click cancel, we did not want to cancel due to lose of admin charges etc, but due to receiving that email i had to click cancel, now sunshine holidays have reduced our refund by £90 admin fee, so we may not use this companyy again in future unless the decision is changed by them

on the beach and sunshine.co.uk i am led to believe the ssame company

re:Under normal circumstances, if you were to cancel at this stage, you would have to pay £30pp to cancel the hotel and transfer, and &emdash; as the airline is currently still planning to operate the flight &emdash; any costs associated with the flight would be non-refundable, as per the airline's T&Cs.

In light of the circumstances however, if you do choose to cancel now, you can do so for £30pp and if advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) later changes (meaning your flights cannot operate), then we will automatically refund the flight costs as well, providing we receive the refund from the airline.

so if im waiting for a refund for flights as they didnt operate i shouldnt be charged admin fee either