» ebay scam

lynn on June 27th 2014
Hi so this is what happened to me.

Two weeks ago I saw an advert on craislist about listing on ebay. I send an email to the reply address. A lady called Erin Carrington emailed back with a story about her husband selling expernsive cameraz as he wasnt being a photographer anymore. Now she said i would get £50 for listing, 10% of final sales. I was up to my neck with debt so thought great as i had been looking for a job. I listed the cameras. Everything went smoothly. I send the money to her husbands bank account. She said she will email me the tracking numberz. Now she is ignoring me. Its been two days. The winning bidders want their camera or their money. all together it was £4700. I dont know what to do or where to get that money. Any advice will be appreciated. I have her email address and her husbands bank account. I know they live in Dublin. Thats all i know about her.