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piner one on June 20th 2014
Brockthorn Motors of Darwen is the new business of Andy Piner

He ripped me of 2 years ago, so any one in Darwen watch him as he is starting to get a name around Darwen, he will sell your car for you and then will refuse to pay you your money

07810296481 is the mobile number to search for or 01254865118
( 01254 865118 ) ( 01254 865 118 )
piner one on October 9th 2014 ·
Since my last post in the summer Piner has closed down his Darwen sales pitch ( Brockthorn Motors ) or should I say he was evicted from the site for reasons not known ( maybe not paying his rent ? maybe his landlord is just a top mon & don't want a conman in his garage ? who knows ) Now Piner seems to have moved on to sheep rustling Yes that's correct sheep rustling,

Three Newspaper articles regarding Mr Andrew Keith Piner & a copy from a Police website
On the Farmers Guardian website you can leave comments
See Andy Piner on Facebook Andwer Piner who went to St Cecilla's RC Technology College ( see the funny spelling of his name )

Man arrested in Lancashire pedigree sheep theft
28 February 2014 | By Olivia Midgley

Police have arrested a man in connection with the theft of 59 sheep from a farm in Lancashire,
The 59 pedigree Beltax and cross-bred recipient ewes were stolen from a farm in Wray, Dan
Towers who owns the ewes with his farther, said it had taken 12 years to build up the flock, bringing in stock from Scotland, Belgium and Northern Ireland
A 48 year old man from Gisburn has been arrested on suspicion of theft and has been bailed until April 22


Two appear in court over £32,000 sheep theft
19 September 2014
TWO men are due to appear in court today (Friday) in connection with the theft of 58 pedigree sheep from a farm in Lancashire.

Andrew Piner, 48, of Mill Lane, Gisburn and Thomas Redfern, 25, of Main Street, Gisburn, will appear before Lancaster magistrates on four counts of theft.
Lancashire police said the charges relate to the alleged theft of 58 sheep worth £32,000 from a farm in Wray in February.
The arrests come after a joint operation between Lancashire and Derbyshire Police.


Men in court over alleged sheep rustling
23 September 2014 | By Olivia Midgley

THE two men charged in connection with a £32,000 sheep theft have appeared in court.
Andrew Piner, 48, of Mill Lane, Gisburn and Thomas Redfern, 25, of Main Street, Gisburn, will next appear at Preston Crown Court on December 22 where they are due to enter a plea.
They were released on conditional bail.
Lancashire police said the case relates to the alleged theft of 58 sheep worth, in their estimation, £32,000 from a farm in Wray, Lancashire, in February.
The arrests come after a joint operation between Lancashire and Derbyshire Police.


Man due in court after being charged with stealing sheep
Posted on 1st October 2014
A man has been charged with the theft of sheep after nearly 50 of the animals were allegedly stolen from a farm in Derbyshire.

Police were called to a farm in Hathersage after reports that 49 sheep had been stolen in September last year.
A joint investigation was launched between Derbyshire Constabulary and both North Yorkshire and Lancashire police, after similar offences were reported in those force areas.
Andrew Piner, of Mill Lane, Gisburn, Clitheroe, in Lancashire, was arrested in April this year.
The 54-year-old has now been charged with theft for the alleged offence in Hathersage and conspiracy to steal pedigree sheep from a farm in Lancashire.
He is due to appear at High Peak Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, November 5.
The sheep stolen from the Hathersage farm have since been recovered

piner one on July 15th 2014 ·
Looks like Andy Piner has moved from Anchor Service Station of Darwen we hear that he is now in Great Harwood not too sure where as yet.. Has anyone any info on his whereabouts ??????
GAZZ on June 25th 2014 ·
Andy Piner & Brockthorn Motors cant be trusted, all his cars will not be owned by them, they will not be paid for, you will be driving someone elses car it will not be yours, look at the evidence on many web sites all about unhappy victims who have either not been paid, or sold a unsafe car, keep your money and only deal with a reputable trader or dealer, this man can not be trusted avoid at all costs

ask your self why does he keep moving his business and why keep changing the business name ?

it is allways strange why some one dont like telling you there name as he is not willing to say his name ANDY PINER of BROCKTHORN MOTORS
formerly of Wheelton used Motors & Adlington Used Motors

there is rumours that Marstons the Bailiffs are searching for Piner for unpaid fines for fraud so expect some stock to disapear soon
piner one on June 24th 2014 ·
i just googled & found this on the 5th page

Sheep rustling: Fleecing the countryside - The Independent
www.independent.co.uk › News › UK › Crime
by Jonathan Brown
20 Dec 2013 - Detective Sergeant Andy Lamb, of Cumbria Police, says thefts of sheep had cost farmers there £368,000 during the past three years although ...
piner one on June 24th 2014 ·
see this link to more about some of the things they have done all the way back to 2010 some 4 years
http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/07810296481 30 pages of info to help you

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