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admin on September 14th 2013
took out 2 lots of seo services and all they did was tell me to update keywords and description

they promised google page one results

upon watching sites they were just dropping down rankings constantly instead of going up

every email from them was eg:


Thanks for getting in touch with us here at the Medream Client Services Center!

It is my absolute pleasure to serve you!

Remember, we are only an email away so just hit 'reply' if you need any
further assistance.

Thanks for getting in touch!

Tia @ Client Services
Medream Suite Of Websites
Client Support Centre

another email said: I will certainly check into this for you and update you within 72 hours on

i was still waiting a week later

then another email said:
It is my absolute pleasure to serve you!

Barry I can confirm I emailed you specifically on Tuesday 2nd June to advise
that I had upgraded your service completely free of charge to our LIVE
Corporate Premier plan as apology for the issues previously.

what is the point of an upgraded service if even the initial service isnt working??

then another email when i asked for a refund under their refund guarantee:

It is my absolute pleasure to serve you!

Well I think we should give it until early next week for me to conclude some
things and then we can start seeing some better results.

no better results were ever seen!

same person replies every time and i then get:
I will not be your personal representative to ensure this is done and
gets the results.
admin on September 18th 2013 ·
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admin on September 14th 2013 ·
on their site:

Join our wow! package today, and we guarantee to deliver your 1st page search engine optimization 'today'. With 'same-day' guaranteed service on not just the optimization work being delivered, but working to achieve 400+ keywords, attaining 1st page rankings after search engine refresh.

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We guarantee our listing and ranking service with a 100% client assurance protection policy. This means that should we fail to deliver on time, for whatever reason, we will issue you with your money back, 'same-day', which means no waiting for the funds. Next, we would still provide your promotion to you for free. That's right, absolutely free of charge which means you then receive the entire 1 year service, free.
However, the reason that we guarantee 'same-day' delivery is because we do deliver on-time, and on-schedule. medreamSEO protects you as our client, with not only the 'same-day' website optimization for top 1st page rankings, but with immediate refunds should we ever fail you.

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