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Guest on August 22nd 2011
Lindstrom 6 Caxton Park Bedford MK41 0TY

have you been conned by this firm, they rent workwear to garages, check there contract, as you are signing into, once you cancel you will have to pay for there goods in full, thus making it not a rental agreement, they will try to charge you full money, con men do not use them, i did and have regrets, post on here if you have similar experiance with them, the sales rep is Andy Conaghan 01234 343555 customerservice@lindstromltd.co.uk
Harj Dhillon

this cost me £700.00 would have been cheaper staying with initial textile services
Guest on September 4th 2011 ·
Lindstrom in the UK
Lindstrom has been operating in the UK since 2001
Lindstrom Ltd is a part of Lindstrom Group, one of Europes leading textile service provider. Check your contract, they will ripp you off at the end of the contract

watch there rep ANDY
Guest on August 23rd 2011 ·
LINDSTROMS they tried this one on with me, i refused to pay them then they got Sinclair Debt Managment on the act, very pushy and many court threats, i told them to take me to court, since then i hear nothing.


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