Have Been Conned » conned by ebay and member drive of life

Guest on August 11th 2011
what a scam by drive of life

an email from the seller:
Thank you so much for your update. If that,Please send it back for a refund.We are willing to pay the shipping back cost. Do not worry.
We are a sincere seller, please do not worry your money.Please pack it carefully in bubble protecting.
Please send it by Air Mail no need the Registered( the cheapest shipping way),
Please do not use Expedited Shipping Service like USP, DHL,EMS, FedEx,
Which increase costs greatly.
The shipping address informations as follows:
Li Xiao Hu
1806, Oil Mansion?Huaqiang South?
Futian Dist., Shenzhen
Guangdong, 518028
P. R. China
Tel: 15817206818
PLease print the above information out and stick it one the parcel.
PLease give clear indication of your eBay ID in the parcel. If that we can resolve it for you sooner,OK ?
PLease let me know if you have sent it out.
Do not worry, do not leave negative or open complaint. I promise to resolve the problem smoothly. Thank you in advance.
Any qestions, please free to contact me.

ebay say as i sent it unregistered i cannot have a refund
Guest on November 1st 2011 ·
He tried to pull the same with me, I held on to the drive however, I'll fix it eventually, but it arrived damaged and definately not new! After many back and fourths he said the exact thing word for word as the e-mail above, needless to say I wish I would have looked at the negatives like I normally do... lesson learned, either way I refunded my customer their 100 and I'm out the same. If your considering purchasing anything from drive of life keep in mind you might get what you paid for... or you might end up scammed like us, trust me the headache is not worth the trouble there are many other reputable sellers that will treat you right and make their mistakes right as well.

Good luck-
my ebay ID vsho93
Guest on September 1st 2011 ·
link of ebay member drive of life
Hongkong, Hong Kong

email from ebay member:

There is a negative feedback from you recently.
What is going on ?

well obviously as Angel did the ripping off - con then negative feedback should be left!
Guest on September 1st 2011 ·
i think they have a website too : http://www.eeshops.com
dont buy from here you will get conned
Guest on August 11th 2011 ·

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