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Guest on July 10th 2011
we ordered media players to play divx films on in april, it said allow 35 days for delivery, after 40 days waiting we got a letter saying they ran out of stock and would we like to wait another 30 days, i said ok 30 days maximum, i am still waiting 35 days again, now tooking to get refunded from my credit card company as this company doesnt respond to me either

expansive media ltd

the phone number 01322 370862 no longer exists either
Guest on August 11th 2013 ·
I ordered Sluban crazy racer bumper gift pack for £13 on 21 november 2012.Received a couple of emails to say out of stock then a letter to say another 30 days.By now it is March 2013,since then nothing I think trading standards need to close these con artists down
Guest on April 2nd 2013 ·
ordered sluban crazy racer toy in december 2012 still no toys or no reply from email address..
Guest on February 17th 2013 ·
ordered toys though the daily star on the 18th Dec still no toys
Guest on July 26th 2011 ·
i 2 ordered a dvd player several mths ago.same as you no dvd player.no reply 2 e mails .no refund
admin on July 24th 2011 ·
contact your bank/credit card company with all the details and you should get a refund, i got a refund 2 days ago after giving them all the details, the company does not respond to emails and the phone number 01322 370862
on the orders no longer exists
Guest on July 24th 2011 ·
I to ordered a media player plus dvds on the 17th april ,then on the 17th june recieved a letter asking did i still want the media player i returned by post the reply yes and to date have heard nothing ,is this company using the closure of the news of the world as an excuse to fail to deliver to goods

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