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admin on July 8th 2011
We took out a contract for £15 per month for our daughter on March 6th 2011 - on 9th March virgin billed £14.32 but on 23rd took £23.65 not even a month after we took the contract out, the next month - 9th April we was charged £175.66, we then had a cap put on the bill in May at £50 so in May the bill came to £24.27, then June £68.50 and the current bill is already £74.25, beware of taking a contract out with Virgin Mobile you WILL be conned into huge bills.
Guest on July 15th 2011 ·
I too have been conned by Virgin. It is due to the first minute billing which is never highlighted when taking out the contract. I have now requested that I buy myself out of the contract as it will be cheaper than allowing them to deduct huge amounts of money and charging me a minute per call even when I reach a voicemail!!! A one second call costs you a minute with Virgin Mobile.

Furthermore, to reach customer services is almost impossible! I was on hold on four occassions for over 48 minutes. I have tried to log onto the website to view my bill but cannot as they have problems. I am posting all of the above on facebook and asking all of my friends to post it onto their status. The power of social networking is amazing!
Guest on July 9th 2011 ·
we was charged 1500.00 so be aware

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