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Guest on July 6th 2011
try to bid on a reg number, waited near pc for 3 hrs only one bid, i bid with 3 secs to go, bingo i have won it, then site says due to popular demand the sale has been extended by 30 mins so i didnt win it and the other bider is now in the lead, they bid £350.00 i bid £500.00 now they bid £510.00

this is the real ripp off britain, even our goverment is shafting us and conning us

has any one got the same experiance as me, a british tax payer
Guest on July 7th 2011 ·
same happened to me, bid on reg number only 4 seconds to go, i was highest bidder then auction was extended by 30 mins due to being popular then 10 mins another bidder

totaly discusted in this totaly wrong, but its the british goverment run department who are another gov dept who make the rules as they go along

is britain this desperate for cash, makes me wonder

DVLA Reg number auctions RIP OFF

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