Have Been Conned » comet total product cover

Guest on June 24th 2011
DO NOT BUY the extended product cover you are being conned.
our washing machine went wrong within the first year and had to be exchanged as it was uneconomical to repair, it has now gone wrong again 3 years later, we had the 4 year extended warranty which was £159.99, we contacted them and they said the insurance was cancelled, we spoke to their insurance company who said as we has a replacement the insurance is automatically voided,we bought the washing machine from comet in harlow so BE AWARE!!!
Guest on August 16th 2012 ·
We are having the first part of the problem you have described, I had to fight to get anybody to agree that our existing washing machine was beyond repair and I think I have successfully won my battle for a replacement (although is not yet confirmed), I think I will fight for the Total Product Care to be refunded as it doesn't expire until 2014, we bought the machine three years ago (do washing machines only last 3 years, I wonder...?)

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