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Guest on June 24th 2010
have you been conned by this bingo site i have i joined up and deposited my first £5.00 and they gave me an extra £5.00 as a bonus i was with this site for 3 or 4 days and in them days i won a total of £37.00 then i was playing again and left my account with £26.00 still in it i logged of the computer and went back to play and they have closed my account i contacted costa and they said that it was something to do with security and they sent me an email saying that i self excluded myself from the account and that any monies that i had in that account i will not get bck i was fuming as i never self excluded myself costa said that because my username was the same as someone elses they closed my account ..... please do not join costabingo.com do not join do not join or you will be ripped off you have all been warned and do not use if it is from gebrailter
Guest on July 2nd 2010 ·
that doesnt make sense from them, they put on their site:

Rest assured that playing online bingo at Costabingo.com will prove to be hassle free as we pride ourselves on high quality customer service and safe & secure games.

they obviously forgot they added that to their site!

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